Better to be a good neighbour than a distant friend. At N-Allo we deliberately opted for several offices spread throughout Belgium. Not only does it ensure easy access to the labour market and support for the different national languages (both oral and written), but we are also convinced that this local anchoring increases the quality of our services.

We currently operate in five locations: in Gosselies, Mechelen, Ieper, Ghent and Eupen. In addition, we have all the necessary hardware and collaboration tools to offer our employees part-time work from home.


Av. Georges Lemaître 38,
B-6041 Gosselies

FR / NL / EN
potential: IT / ES


Stationsstraat 55,
B-2800 Mechelen

NL / FR / EN / DE


Dikkebusseweg 17,
B-8900 Ieper

NL / FR / EN / DE


Zwijnaardsesteenweg 312 Blok E,
B-9000 Gent

NL / FR / EN / DE


Herbesthalerstrasse 325 – 4A,
B-4700 Eupen

FR / DE / EN

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