N-Allo is one of the top three contact centres in Belgium. In 2020, we handled more than 8.5 million customer interactions via a variety of channels. Over the past 20 years, we have also built up the skills and expertise needed to help clients from a range of different sectors. These include not only major brands, but also public service providers.


Each year, N-Allo handles 2.2 million inbound and outbound customer contacts for Engie. This makes us the largest sales and contact channel for this energy provider. Working via the telephone, e-mail, chat, social media, etc. we not only reach their personal customers, but also handle B2B contacts for the self-employed.

We also offer Engie our expertise for achieving their ambitious sales targets by applying a structured sales strategy, based on product knowledge and data analysis.


Brutélé, which operates under the brand name of VOO, started life as a provider of cable television services before growing into a multifaceted player in the telecommunication industry.

N-Allo provides technical support to their customers and handles outbound contacts, including for retention and NPS.

We also developed the CallGate application for Brutélé, which combines various features to make the sales and follow-up proves run even more smoothly.


N-Allo has been supporting this bank since 2017, handling the calls coming in from its customers and branches. Our employees are qualified to answer various questions about technical problems and online banking.

The staff at N-Allo and ING work seamlessly together in what are called flex-pools: mixed teams who are deployed flexibly and directed by team coaches from N-Allo. These coaches are responsible for ensuring that results and KPIs are achieved. They also take care of the administrative and HR formalities of our employees.

National Bank of Belgium

Each month, N-Allo conducts a statistical and economic survey among families for the National Bank. The survey is carried out entirely by telephone.


Colruyt group is the Belgian market leader in retail, encompassing major brands such as Colruyt (supermarket), Dreamland (toys and leisure goods), Dats 24 (filling stations), etc.

N-Allo is the exclusive partner for Colruyt’s internal contact centre, as well as for various of the group’s brands. Our work is based on an overflow model in which N-Allo staff deal with customer contacts autonomously. In concrete terms, this means that we aim for a first-time fix of at least 85%, regardless of the complexity of the interactions.

As with other of our clients, we use a flexible model. At peak times, such as during sales periods, we increase our staffing level tenfold. -Allo also used its extremely versatile range of customer services to support Colruyt when the group’s three million customers were switching to its umbrella X-tra card.


Vaillant Group is an international market leader in heating and ventilation technology. The group provides environmentally friendly, energy-saving systems that include solar boilers, solar panel systems and heat pumps.

N-Allo is responsible for handling the first-line contacts for the company’s customer service departments. Every year, we handle more than 250,000 interactions through various channels:: telephony (inbound and outbound), e-mail, web support and ticket processing.

We adjust the size of our team according to demand from Vaillant. This is highly dependent on the seasons and on the sometimes fast-changing – and typically Belgian – temperatures.

Contacts with citizens – work for the government

Increasing numbers of people expect to be able to reach the government departments they need to contact via a range of channels. That’s why N-Allo also offers its services, expertise, and technology to public service providers. This is part of our aim to help the various authorities in Belgium to place the ordinary citizen first and help them make the switch to digital.

Case City of Antwerp (Digipolis)

All telephone contacts with citizens of the City of Antwerp have been handled via N-Allo’s secure communication platform since 2020. Calls to the city’s various departments are answered by 350 staff employed by the city.

During the transition to the new platform, N-Allo was responsible for the training and technical support of all these staff. We were able to draw on our many years of practical experience in providing training, advice, and overflow services to the city authorities.

And in the future there’s a chance that it won’t just be telephone contacts: in the months ahead, we will also be examining ways of integrating other channels, such as chat, messaging and social media.

City of Ghent

The City of Ghent aims to be a modern and innovative place, ready to help and serve every Ghent resident. To make this happen, the city has called on our services in recent years. In particular, N-Allo has helped the city by setting up its GentInfo contact centre.

All contacts between the city’s services and citizens, businesses and commuters are handled through GentInfo. These contacts take place by phone and e-mail, as well as via the city’s physical service desks. The contact centre is also entirely geared to embrace this multichannel environment.

N-Allo continues to support the status of services with the further development of GentInfo. For example, there is an N-Allo Team Coach has been appointed and we accommodate the overflow at peak times. Finally, N-Allo also handles the communication platform and the reporting of all interactions.

Hello Belgium

As part of its coronavirus support measures, the Belgian government distributed the NMBS/SNCB’s free “Hello Belgium” rail pass in 2020. N-Allo helped support the government with this programme from July to November as its Contact Centre.

This was a short-term project that featured extremely flexible staffing. The Contact Centre also had to be up and running in barely four weeks. At its peak, 150 N-Allo employees worked for Hello Belgium, handling 250,000 contacts by telephone, e-mail, social media and so on.

Our forecasting was used weekly to adjust capacity planning, enabling us to help people in thethree national languages, as well as English.

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