N-Allo helps your organisation to achieve better results and draw up action plans in the area of customer contact and customers satisfaction. Then we go to work together to achieve them.

We offer expertise in:

  • Improving operational and business efficiency: self-care, automation, intelligent routing, etc.

  • Innovation in channels and customer experience. For example: playbooks for the launch on social media, messaging, etc.

  • Setting up Satisfaction and NPS surveys(via IVR, SMS, etc.)

We can also take the burden off you by deploying a team of customer contact agents on your own site. They will then function as a department or team within your organisation and will also work with your other departments. We can also contribute expertise by providing team coaches and additional services such as planning, the timetable, traffic (Workforce management), training and consultancy if required.

And, of course, we don’t stop there. Contact us for more information about our areas of expertise.

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