As a contact centre, N-Allo’s many years of expertise, outstanding staff and innovative solutions make us stand out clearly from the crowd. Which is why we have developed three specific product lines, enabling us to share our Expertise, People and Technology with your organisation.


N-Allo helps your organisation to achieve better results and draw up action plans in the area of customer contact and customers satisfaction. Then we go to work together to achieve them.


N-Allo supports your organisation in handling omnichannel customer contacts. Our 750 customer advisers work for various large companies and public institution. They can be deployed to handle both inbound and outbound interactions – plus they speak multiple languages.


As a contact centre, N-Allo develops effective communication technology capable of handling all the new contact channels, as well as tailor-made engineering solutions that will enable our customer advisers to work more efficiently (with greater fluidity) and with better quality.

These three services enable us to offer you and all-in-one solution for your omnichannel contact management. You can opt to use any one of these services – or a combination of them.

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Each year, N-Allo handles 2.2 million inbound and outbound customer contacts for Engie. This makes us the largest sales and contact channel for this energy provider. Working via the telephone, e-mail, chat, social media, etc. we not only reach their personal customers, but also handle B2B contacts for the self-employed.

We also offer Engie our expertise for achieving their ambitious sales targets by applying a structured sales strategy, based on product knowledge and data analysis.


All telephone contacts with citizens of the City of Antwerp have been handled via N-Allo’s secure communication platform since 2020. Calls to the city’s various departments are answered by 350 staff employed by the city.

During the transition to the new platform, N-Allo was responsible for the training and technical support of all these staff. We were able to draw on our many years of practical experience in providing training, advice, and overflow services to the city authorities.

And in the future there’s a chance that it won’t just be telephone contacts: in the months ahead, we will also be examining ways of integrating other channels, such as chat, messaging and social media.

Case City of Antwerp (Digipolis)

Vaillant Group is an international market leader in heating and ventilation technology. The group provides environmentally friendly, energy-saving systems that include solar boilers, solar panel systems and heat pumps.

N-Allo is responsible for handling the first-line contacts for the company’s customer service departments. Each year, we deal with more than 250,000 interactions via a range of channels: telephone (inbound and outbound), e-mail, web support and ticket processing.

We adjust the size of our team according to demand from Vaillant. This is highly dependent on the seasons and on the sometimes fast-changing – and typically Belgian – temperatures.


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